August 11, 2015

2 Much Cents Update

It’s been quite a year. We’ve moved, we’ve had a baby, and so much more. I’d originally planned on doing another Lightning Round about half way through the year, but what can I say? Time flies when you are having fun, you’re busy, and sleep is a bit of a luxury! I still can’t believe it’s already August, so before we get any closer to 2016, it’s time for The Lighting Round: Round 4. Many of you probably remember past “Lightning Rounds,” but let me take a moment to back up for newer readers.

The Lightning Round is designed to be an interactive post where I ask you to submit any financial question you may have. Between now and midnight, August 16th, I will accept questions, and I promise that I will eventually answer every single one of them. However, the first five topics that I receive (that I think would be of interest to a large portion of my readers) I will answer publicly as my next post!

If you’re fine with me using your first name and you want to be a part of a 2MuchCents post, go ahead and submit your question. If you’d prefer to use an alias or to be listed as “anonymous,” or if you would prefer I just get back to you privately, please let me know that as well. Please feel free to contact me via Facebook, email, LinkedIn, my cell, or by asking a question directly on this post.

After The Lightning Round, I will begin a series called “Normal Investors.” My plan is to ask you questions about yourself, how you think about money, financial choices you have made, and your investment strategy. Then, I’ll share with you what I’ve learned about that particular fact pattern or scenario from studying behavioral finance. You, like I was, may be surprised to find out that a normal investor may not always be a rational investor. That’s fine. Actually, it’s a good thing because if you know how most normal investors are going to act, you can sometimes adjust your behavior and benefit financially. If you are also aware of some situations where individuals may be prone to act irrationally when it comes to their finances, you may be able to save yourself should you ever face one of those scenarios. I find the evolving field of behavioral finance very interesting and incredibly useful. It is my hope you will as well.

The phone lines are now open. I want to hear from you!


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