May 16, 2013

2 Much Cents Update

Some of you may remember “The Lightning Round” from fall of last year. For those of you relatively new to 2 Much Cents, “The Lightning Round” was essentially an interactive post where I asked readers to send me any financial question(s) they might have or any financial topic(s) they would like to know a little more about, and I later posted answers to five of the submissions. “The Lightning Round” seemed to go over petty well the first time around, so as promised, let’s go for round 2!

Between now and Friday night, May 31, 2013, at 11:59 p.m., I would appreciate it if you would send me any financial question(s) you may have. There is nothing too simple, and if you ask something out of my league, I’ll tell you that, too. I promise to eventually answer every question I receive, but whether you decide to submit a question or not, you will want to check it out because I can almost promise that someone out there currently has the same question, curiosity, or need that you do. Also, if you don’t want your question posted or if you would like to remain completely anonymous, please let me know when you ask your question (otherwise, your first name will appear in the next post). Feel free to contact me by posting a comment on this site, emailing me, calling me, texting me, Facebook messaging me, or any other means of communication you can think of.

I appreciate your time and your help. In a little less than a year and a half, has received close to 10,000 page views, but I have even higher hopes going forward largely due to your continued suggestions, excellent questions, and much-appreciated support. Please keep reading and sharing your favorite posts with family and friends, and we’ll keep tackling financial mysteries one at a time. Future posts including "Investing vs. Trading," "Per Stirpes or Bust," "Letting the Tax Tail Wag the Dog," and "How to Spend it All" are already in the works as we speak.

Well what are you waiting for? Ask a question! As Pat Benatar would say, “Hit me with your best shot! Fire away!”