January 03, 2012

And So It Begins...

Creator: porbital
“Money is a little tight right now.”

“Sorry man, I can’t go. The wife and I are trying to pay off her car.”

“I’m pretty sure I made less than $200 last year.”

My name is Tom Presley and all of these are quotes that people close to me have said to me in the past year. If I were only their friend or relative, I could only listen, sympathize, and try to offer some sort of optimistic comfort; but I’m not.  I’m a Financial Planner and a CPA. I chose this career to help you.

I grew up in Jonesboro, Georgia and attended the University of Georgia where I got my Masters of Accountancy in Taxation. I now live in Atlanta with my amazing wife and our dachshund puppy, Lucy. I love the Dawgs, Braves, and the Falcons (in that order). I enjoy travelling, history, music, hiking, theatre, reading, and cooking. I have worked as a tax accountant for a regional CPA firm in Atlanta and am now a financial planner at a private wealth management firm in Buckhead. 

I’m not Clarke Howard. I’m not Warren Buffett. I’m Tom Presley, and I’m starting this blog to share with you what I know, to share with you what I learn, and to provide you and others with answers to any financial questions you may have.  My posts will vary from budgeting tips, to debt management suggestions, to portfolio investment advice, to financial lifestyle suggestions. The content will be applicable to college kids, millionaires, unemployed people, retirees, working people, newlyweds, and everyone in between. I hope to play a small role in helping you achieve your financial and life goals.

Now you know a little about me and my plan for 2 Much Cents. If you follow my blog, the worst thing that could happen is that you spend a few minutes at work reading my thoughts and not working for your employer. The best thing that could happen (and my hope) is that my training and experience occasionally connects with you and makes you better off in the long run.



  1. Thanks, Tom, for sharing your expertise. I am looking forward to your tips and suggestions!

  2. You sound like a smart man. Take my money..all of it. Show me your ways.